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Wrap it Up

Terry Lacoss

Applying a vinyl wrap to your fishing boat or tow vehicle has grown in popularity from year to year and today has become a common practice for successful Southern Kingfish Association fishing teams. In fact, wraps are an excellent selling point when attracting sponsors because they get more impressions when you add their logos to your boat or truck wrap design.

Under Armour/Caliente tows their SKA team boat to major tournament sites with an eye catching truck wrap.

SKA kingfish teams spend a lot of time traveling from their home port to distant king mackerel fishing tournaments where both their tow vehicle and boat become a major attraction. Keep in mind that you have to look off to the side of the highway to read a billboard advertisement, however when you pass an SKA wrapped truck and boat on the highway, you simply can’t help but enjoy the great artwork and sponsor logos.

The tradition of wrapping boats and vehicles for key tournament fishermen has been a vital part in promoting marine sponsored fishing teams for many fishing season now. Simply said, wrapping a fisherman’s boat and tow vehicle makes the artwork simply jump right out making a huge impression to literally thousands of onlookers both on the water and highways.

“We have become very diversified in our wraps during the past few years,” Larry Cavalluzzi of SignZoo said. “Our business has grown from wrapping tournament boats to wrapping used and new boats that simply wish to add a different color, or simply cover up a faded or scratched boat hull.”

Taking pictures of big bass next to a sponsor logo helps both sponsored fishing teams and their sponsors!

“Today it is a lot simpler to cover up a faded fiberglass hull with our 3M vinyl wrap than to re-fiberglass the hull. When vinyl wraps first became popular, white was the only available color. Colors had to be printed onto the vinyl wrap with a computer. Today our 3M vinyl wraps come in 34 brilliant colors making your boat or tow vehicle really standout!”

SignZoo has also entered the market of selling boat manufacturers custom wraps that are shipped to them and applied right at the factory.

“Our business has really expanded within the past few years into new boat manufacturers,” Cavalluzzi said. “We have in our computers the exact measurements for new boats allowing us to produce a colorful boat wrap for new boat manufacturers. This process is more cost effective and certainly less time consuming for the new boat manufacturers than manufacturing different color gel coats for their boats. Two of our largest new boat manufacturers are Sea Ray and Boston Whaler.”

Captain Alan Tucker had “SignZoo” showcase the transom of his “Cash Flow” charter fishing boat with a client catching-full wrap.

As a fishing guide and tournament fisherman, I have enjoyed many benefits of wrapping my fishing boats. Certainly having my sponsor logos on the side of my boat is key to showcasing the products that I have enjoyed success while on the water and highways. However, there are many hidden advantages as well when having your vehicle or fishing boat wrapped.

One of the biggest disadvantages of having to sell my memo Triton team boat at the end of a 12-month fishing season is those ugly scratches that come from hardcore tournament and charter fishing. However, when my Team Triton boat has been wrapped, the wrap actually protects the fiberglass from scratching. When I have forgotten to put out my boat bumpers during docking, the boat wrap will actually protect the fiberglass. More importantly, when navigating during a crowded tournament checkout line or weighing in fish at the end of the day, my vinyl boat wrap has protected my fiberglass hull when tournament boats accidentally make contact with my boat.

Finally, at the end of the fishing season, the vinyl wrap can be easily removed showcasing a brand new fiberglass fishing boat!

“Our vinyl wraps are very simple to remove and in most cases, you can park your truck or boat so that the sun shines on your wrap to heat up the wrap,” Cavalluzzi said. “After the sun has warmed the wrap and fiberglass, simply peel off the wrap. You can also heat the wrap with a hair dryer, allowing the wrap to peel right off with ease as well.”

“When I needed to spruce up my fishing tackle business, I had both my truck and boat wrapped,” Don Whitman said. “The present economy was really having an effect on both my fishing tackle and live bait sales, so I came up with the idea of wrapping the truck and boat. I could park our team truck and boat right outside of my Amelia Island, Florida Leaders & Sinkers tackle shop and attract customers. In the long run it would be an easier and less expensive way to advertise, versus renting a large nearby billboard.”

“I contracted Callahan Graphics, located in Callahan, Florida to wrap both the truck and boat. I was also able to create my own design that really helped to promote both my fishing tackle business and tournament sponsors as well.”

Performance boat wraps are very eye catching, enhancing both the looks and performance of the speed boat.

Don Whitman teams up with Bruce Comrie and competes both on the IFA redfish and SKA kingfish circuits.

“By wrapping our truck and boat, Bruce and I instantly became a rolling billboard,” Whitman said. “I often park both the truck and boat in front of my tackle shop and folks will actually stop and take pictures then come into my tackle shop and make purchases. Wrapping our truck and boat was an instant winner for both my business and competitive fishing team!”

The cost for wrapping your tow vehicle or fishing boat can run from a few hundred dollars into the thousands of dollars depending on the size of the area you wish to wrap and in many cases the difficulty involved in wrapping. Keep in mind that modern day vinyl is often more scratch resistant than gel coat,. You will need to take the proper precautions when protecting your wrapped boat. Protect your boat’s new wrap by purchasing cloth covers for your boat bumpers. Hard surfaced boat bumpers tend to wear away the finish of both your boat’s gel coat and vinyl wrap over a period of time, particularly when anchoring at tournament weigh in sites where boat traffic often causes wakes. Also, avoid washing your vinyl wrapped boat with a hard bristle brush. Instead use a soft bristle boat brush or cloth washing glove. You will soon find that using a mild liquid soap and soft cleaning material will give your vinyl wrap a brand new look.

A major factor for many customers when wrapping their vehicle or boat is the length of time that it takes to complete their wrap.

“The wrap itself only takes a day to install,” SignZoo’s Cavalluzzi said. “It does take from two to three weeks to design a full wrap. However, once we have all of the artwork completed and the customer has approved the design, we will have your wrap completed in just one day.”

“The SignZoo team actually came to the Contender factory to wrap my team boat,” Randy Nader said. The entire experience working with the SignZoo staff was a complete pleasure and the job was completed just like they said it would be done. I have had great compliments on the design work and it seems almost dangerous when I am driving down the highways as people can’t seem to take their eyes of my wrapped boat. We actually had one driver taking photos of my wrapped boat as he was passing us at speeds over 70 miles per hour!”

The need for showcasing your boat’s name, sponsors and graphics has been popular since the invention of boats and vehicles. Adding eye catching graphics and logos on your vehicle or boat attracts a boat load of visibility that normally would not happen with a one color boat or vehicle.

During the early 1970s I purchased my first fishing boat, which was actually an 18-foot fiberglass Jon boat, outfitted with a pair of swivel seats and a 9hp outboard. I had such good luck bass fishing from that small boat; I purchased a four leaf clover decal, stuck it on both sides of my fishing boat and called my bass fishing boat Luck Bucket!

By the early 1980s BASS fishermen were sticking all sorts of sponsor decals on the bass fishing rigs while traveling throughout the country and competing in Ray Scott Bass Master Society fishing tournaments. Tom Mann was one of the first professional BASS fishermen to take advantage of showcasing his business on his bass fishing rig, properly named Mann’s Bait Company.

Soon television fishermen like Roland Martin were also taking advantage of advertising their sponsors and TV fishing shows on their trucks and boats.

Today, you simply cannot miss a 38-foot Southern Kingfish Association rig being towed down a major highway that has a full, colorful boat and truck wrap!

For more information on both vehicle and boat wraps, visit Add some color and visibility to your next SKA fishing tournament!

Tournament BASS fishermen often wrap both their tow vehicle and boat when competing for big BASS bucks!

Angler, May 2012

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