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Are you using's website?! Here's all the great things you can do online for your team:

Membership Renewal: Get ahead of the game and renew your SKA 2016 membership online! All your information is stored and easily accessible. Why wait until the night before your first SKA sanctioned event? Sign up or renew today! 


  • Go to and select the “Membership” tab
  • Select “Join or Renew”
  • If Renewing, please enter your member number and follow the prompts, updating password and completing billing information
  • If New, please fill out the pertinent information and click “sign up
  • If you are the Captain, please choose the “Captain title” which will provide you with admin access to set up and maintain your team profile
  • Select your desired Membership Type (descriptions are available for each option, please read carefully) and complete your billing information
  • Hit submit – you will receive two emails, one a receipt and the other you must click on the link in the body to complete your registration.  Once you click that link, if you are the captain, you are able to set up your team profile Membership Kit will arrive in the mail within 7 to 10 business days.

Team Profiles: Team Captain's, create your own Team Profile page! An excellent way to help showcase your teammates and sponsors, and allow Tournament Trail fans to see exactly what you're all about. Creating your profile page is easy...


  • Go online and either Renew or Sign Up for SKA’s current membership season (see above)
  • Assign a Captain (see above)
  • Captain will be able to log in as an “admin” in order to create a team profile and fill out points forms online
  • Once logged in, under your username (top right hand corner) click on “Team”
  • Implement the pertinent information regarding your team (images, sponsors, assign teammates, etc.)
  • Once a team has been created, you can fill out points forms

 *Please note only the captain has access to the Team Profile and the ability to make changes.

Every active SKA Member has the ability to create an SKA Login on This login will allow you as a member, to add comments to articles, update your information, and gives you access to renew your account the following year. 

HOW TO LOG IN: Creating a username and password when you sign up will allow you access to login anytime. 

Points Forms: A very important requirement for all SKA registered teams, Points Forms must be completed by the Captain ONLY before every tournament in order for your information to accurately count in the Trail's Standings. Points forms may be completed online however, you must print the form and turn it in at the trailer to an SKA representative during registration hours.  


  • Under the Membership tab, select Points Form
  • Fill out points form, selecting teammate
  • Hit submit, print and take a copy to the event –  all forms filled out online must be dropped off to the SKA representative at  the captain’s meeting.  Please remember,  points forms are not editable, so any changes must be approved by the SKA representative  at the tournament  

Still have questions?  Call our SKA HQ's and we'll be happy to walk you through the process - 800-852-6262!


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