Tournament Information

Tournament Entry Fees and Eligibility

$425 per boat cash or check | $450 with credit card

All crew members on your National Team must be 2011 SKA Competition Members and have fished a minimum of two sanctioned tournaments in 2011 as Competition Members! No exceptions!

No tournament checks are deposited until October 24, 2011.

If you include your e-mail address, then you will receive a confirmation that we have received your application.

••• NOTICE •••
Tournament fees will not be collected at the Nationals except Division 6 & 9. Those Divisions have late events, however those qualifiers must call SKA at 904-819-0360 to let us know you are coming.

All tournament forms must be completely filled out and returned to the SKA office on or before October 14, 2011, however to avoid phone calls to let us know your intentions, we’d appreciate you sending in your forms when you get them or at least give us a call. It will truly save us a lot of time. We Appreciate Your Consideration!!!

Note to Divisional Winners

Divisional winners need to return your entry form now. Please just mark it “divisional winner.” Your entry fee will be taken care of. However, you must still come to registration and pick up your Captain’s Bag and Boat Number. A check for $270 will be sent to you two weeks before the event via mail to help cover three nights in Biloxi. (Average night stay for one room in Biloxi $90). You must still make your own room reservations. If you receive compensation and then do not show up, the money must be returned to the SKA.

TWTs | Open and Small Boat

$100 Big Fish ................... Pays 50%, 30%, 20%
$100 Aggregate ............... Pays 50%, 30%, 20%
$100 Daily Big Fish ......... $50 per day goes into pot
Pays 60%, 40% per day
$100 Winner Take All (aggregate)

You will receive a 1099 on TWTs. You are responsible for all taxes on the winnings. TWT money may be included in your registration check if it is received at the SKA office on or before October 14th.

Yes, you can sign up for TWTs at the event (Cash Only!).

Plan to win!

If you are the winner of the Contender boat, Mercury motor, and Loadmaster trailer package, be prepared to take the boat home with you or make arrangements to have it transported. Make sure you bring the phone number of your insurance agent. When we present it to you at the awards ceremony Sunday morning, from that point the boat is yours.

2011 T-Shirt Design

Tournament Memorabilia

Souvenir T-Shirts .......................... $17.00 adult
$12.00 youth
Long Sleeve Tees .......................... $25.00
Championship Hats ..................... $16.00
Championship Visors .................. $12.00
ProFinder Chip ............ $275.00 (Pre-orders only)
ProFinder Chart ........... $25.00 (choose MS or LA)
ProFinder Chart Set ..... $45.00 (both MS and LA)

Silverstar Gold Jewelry, Rugged Shark Boat Shoes, Oceanwaves Sunglasses and other merchandise available.

This is a good time to do some holiday gift shopping!

We have planned our National Championship souvenir merchandise carefully to avoid overages. Pre-ordering is recommended to ensure the size and quantity you need is available.

I want to go, but...

...I need crew members
If you are the captain or co-captain and qualify for Nationals but all or part of your crew cannot attend, please call Loreen at the SKA office. She will help find qualified crew for your boat. 904/819-0360

...I need to join a qualified boat
If you have fished two SKA sanctioned events in 2011, but the boat(s) you fished with are not going to Nationals, call Loreen at the SKA office. She will help find a qualified boat that needs crew to go to Nationals. 904/819-0360

...I have a boat to use
If you have fished two SKA sanctioned events in 2011, have a boat available to be used as a substitute boat for a qualified captain, and want to fish the Nationals on your boat call Loreen at the SKA office. 904/819-0360


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