New PRO CHIP Product
Posted: 28 May 2011 08:27 AM   [ Ignore ]
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We just introduced a new chip for the ICW - called the ICW Facility Chip. It contains all pertinent data for those that might “cruise” the waterway. Included are anchorages, ramps, bridges, bars/grills, restaurants, marinas, lodging, and other POI along the waterway. We have 2 versions available at this time - NC/SC/GA and the EAST FLA coast. Hopefully we will have our license soon so we can publish this data as an App for smart phones. We have a booklet that is included with each purchase that goes into greater detail and provides complete information in an organized and user friendly manner. On the chip itself, specific information per waypoint is provided such as minimum depths for anchorages, bridge information, and phone numbers for marinas, restaurants, hotels, etc.

For those that might follow the Bassmaster Elite Tournament trail, you might notice that our partner Elite Pro Davy Hite is having a “banner” year fishing the new Davy Hite Pro Chips. There is a great article in the June issue of South Carolina Sportsman magazine. In the interview, Hite explains how the use of modern electronics (especially the “Structure Scan) loaded with a Pro Chip has “revolutionized” fishing - yep, his word exactly. I believe this new Side Imaging technology will help the SKA tournament fisherman tremendously too.

Feel free to call me at (910) 512-6700 for more information.

Capt. John