SOLD Scotty 1090R 60” Downrigger
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Scotty 1090R, 60” downrigger


Thanks to Scotty Inc. for their generosity. You have heard about the durability of these DR’s, here is your chance to own one.

List price is $330, which does not include shipping and handling.

36” to 60”. 1 1/4 diameter telescoping stainless steel boom, collapses to 36” for storage
Adjustable boom mounted rod holder.
Premium 150 lb. stainless steel cable.
Deluxe Scotty line release.

There is a Reserve Price. Item can be shipped, ADD $15 to the Bid Price.

When the Reserve Price is met, it will be so noted. The item will be sold within 36 hours to the bidder that met or exceeded the Reserve. If a higher bid is received within the 36 hours, the item will be held for 36 more hours in order to give everyone an oppurtunity to bid higher. If you are interested in an item, check back daily.

If the Reserve Price is not met, the item can removed from bidding, or sold to the highest bidder of record. We are not required to sell to the highest bidder if the Reserve Price is not met. Our goal is to sell items at a reasonable price in order to make the most money for our KIDS charities.

It will be noted on the auction when items cannot be shipped and can be picked up at my house in Swansboro.

There will be a $15 charge on top of the bid price for all shipped items. Shipping charges can change depending on the item.

We have bidders from the Frying Pan Tower website, that bid must be emailed to me. No bids will be accepted that are made on the FPT website. The clock will start to run for the closing of the auction, 36 hours after the high bid is made on or by email to me. Not responsible for bids that are emailed. You will receive a confirmation of your bid via email stating that your bid was accepted. Email address is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You will be given 7 days to pay for or pick up your merchandise. If you dont, it will be sold to the next highest bidder.
Should the next highest bidder not respond or not want the item, the auction will start over.
Should a question arise, decisions of the Tourn. Committee are final.

All proceeds go to the OBO KMT Childrens Charities listed on over $192,000 in 10 years.


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