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Division: 10 Lake Park, Florida GREATER PALM BEACH OFFSHORE 440 April 15-17, 2011

Snake Dancer’s 40.83 is Best in Palm Beach!

By Jack Holmes

Lake Park, Florida - You've seen George Mitchell's face emblazoned on the Yamaha ads in Angler magazine and just about every other fishing publication on the market. You don't get into a position of prominence like this by not knowing something about fishing. George proved his worth to Yamaha once again by winning the Greater Palm Beach 440.

That's not the story however, two years ago George and his Snake Dancer team won the event with a 62.74 and made it into the SKA's very elite 60-pound Club. The following year he missed the top slot by just a half a pound.  He finished second with a 50.49 to David Albritton's 50.99.

This year he won the event with a 40.83. Fishing with his son Eddie, Ken Harris and his son Clay, George Wells, and Billy Burke, the team caught their fish late on day one of the tournament.

"Fishing was tough," said George back at the dock. "The wind kicked up about noon and made it difficult to move around, and you really had to keep moving. The fish were scattered and weren't being cooperative. We finally caught our forty just before it was time to come in."

Mitchell is sponsored by Yamaha, Boat Center, and Yellowfin.

This was a two-day event, with Saturday being a long day to give teams the time to not only find their big king but a dolphin and a wahoo also. It was a fundraiser for the Friends of 440, a charity for college scholarships for children whose parent or parents were injured on the job and are unable to provide for their family.

So where were the fish? According to George, "We moved, we moved, and we moved, north, south, out deep, in close, you really had to work this weekend."

Clay Harris was the Top Junior Angler in the tournament fishing with George and his dad.

Frank Langdon fishes most of the time by himself on his Evinrude powered World Cat named Kat's Rival. Everyone knows Frank and keeps an eye on him for safety reasons but he is a very prudent captain. Frank earned second place in the tournament by scaling a nice 39.55 on day one. He was also the top small boat in the event but could only claim the highest placing prize so he was given second place.

P.J. Myers's Triple J team earned third place but better yet hung onto first place in Division 10. They added 39.33 points to their 67.66 points for their fish caught in the season opener in Key West. They now have 106.99 points with two events left to increase their standing.

Myers will need to find and scale a 50.94 however to break the all time Division 10 three fish aggregate of 157.93 set in '06 by Bobby Schoenfeld on the Lured Away, a team from Texas.

Second place is held by Steve Glanz with a 144.93 aggregate set last year and Sandy Smith is third with a 141.50 three fish aggregate he earned in '01. Remember, records are made to be broken. 

Fishing with Myers this weekend was Jack Conroy, Keith Mangus, Dave Albritton, Jake Myers, and Stevie Cooper. Jake was second place junior and the $500 Mercury Scholarship winner.

The top small boat in the event was  Rich Cook, Ray Vidal, Andy Alvarez, and Chris Cook on the Lost Boys / Team AirTran Yamaha powered Contender. They scaled a 33.68 on day one but could not better it on day two.

It was really tough fishing. On day one the weather was picture perfect up until noon, then a front came through kicking up winds strong enough to blow the stage tent down. Then on day two the boats checked out with little or no wind. It stayed that way and many argued that the lack of water movement turned the fish off.

The AirTran team is in a tight race in the Division with Peter Weisburg from the Strictly Fishing team who also fishes a Contender. They scaled a  29.65 here in Palm Beach but their king was bigger in Key West so now lead by close to seven pounds.

Bill Wummer's Spiced Rum III team scaled a nice 38.60 on day one to earn fourth place. They had nine people fish the team this weekend and two of those were ladies, Sherri Beswick and Pam Kalil shared in the event's Top Lady Angler honors. A special tip of the SKA hat goes to Wummer also for helping the SKA with the event.

David Linsinbigler, Mike and Jim Wood, and Alex Burgess, rounded out the top five scaling a 37.33 plus they also captured the two-day kingfish aggregate with 69.56 pounds. They fish the Penny-Less but had to use a sub boat this weekend named SeaPremacy. This is a new team to the sport and they're already showing talent.

We had a great time producing the event under some restraints, time etc. But it went off without a hitch. Congratulations to our winners!

Greater Palm Beach Offshore 440

Open Class

Yellowfin / Yamaha
George Mitchell
George Wells
Eddie Mitchell
Ken Harris
Clay Harris
Billy Burke
39.552. KAT'S RIVAL
World Cat / Evinrude
Frank Langdon
39.333. TRIPLE J
Yellowfin / Mercury
P.J. Myers
Jack Conroy
Keith Mangus
Dave Albritton
Jake Myers
Stevie Cooper
Contender / Evinrude
Bill Wummer
Bobby Wummer
Sherri Beswick
Howard Tuman
Chase Large
Dave Kalil
Kevin Umphrey
Freddie Joseph
37.335. PENNY-LESS
2-fish Aggregate 69.56
/ Contender / Mercury

David Linsinbigler
Mike Wood
Jim Wood
Alex Burgess
SeaHunter / Evinrude
Doug Miller
Brian Black
Caleb Miller
Calvin Black
Yellowfin / Mercury
Scott Lambeth
Adam Lambeth
Jack Barker
Dave Stawara
31.998. SET 4 LIFE
Cape Horn / Yamaha
Lou Arrazola
Jorge Perez
Donald Casto
Contender / Yamaha
Peter Weisberg
Robert Weisberg
Freddy Rodriquez
27.6810. HARD WAY
Contender / Mercury
Daryl Deka
Jim Andreson

Small Boat Division

Contender / Yamaha
Rich Cook
Ray Vidal
Andy Alvarez
Chris Cook

Top Lady Anglers
38.601. Sherri Beswick & Pam Kalil

Top Junior Angler
40.83Clay Harris

SKA Top Junior Anglers
sponsored by SKA / Mercury Marine
40.831. Clay Harris
39.332. Jake Myers
38.603. Chase Large

Mercury Marine Junior Angler Scholarship Winner
Jake Myers

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